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Hixson Kicks Off Annual Israel Lobby Conference

Recent Books

Recent Talks on Imperialism and War

“Imperialism and War: The History Americans Need To Own” book interview of author Walter L. Hixson
by Grant F. Smith

Recent Talks on Architects of Repression and on the United States and Israel Lobby

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel speaks with diplomatic & cultural historian, Walter Hixson about his book “Architects of Repression: How Israel and Its Lobby Put Racism, Violence and Injustice at the Center of US Middle East Policy,” an analysis both of the Lobby’s US domestic history of power politics and how it has provided narrative armor for Israeli state-sponsored military atrocities in Palestine and beyond, and, additionally, about the conference in Washington DC this week that he is helping to introduce, titled Transcending the Israel Lobby at Home and Abroad.

Hixson Explains Importance of Israel and the Lobby in Washington Talk

AIPAC’s New Political Action Committees Podcast: Implications for America – Walter Hixson, Janet McMahon and Grant F. Smith
Can America’s “Special Relationship” with Israel Endure?